Why does Ghana want to invite the great-grandchildren of “ex-slaves” back HOME?

From the time they were snatched and torn from their homeland in West Africa (Ivory Coast Ghana, Liberia and more…) sovereign African village people, men and women alike, were thrown into shackles. Treated like “inhuman dirt” – then put inside ill-prepared boats which abducted them to foreign lands to toil under brutal conditions as subhuman “negro” slaves. These previously peaceful and proud Black African nations of men and women suffered through horrific disease and trauma. Many paid the ultimate price of losing their lives before reaching the shore of servitude. So many more were murdered in slavery. This was NOT destined to be “their” Promised Land. The New World of the Americas, USA, Carribean islands, South America, Central America are each places indelibly marked by pain and suffering. It has been exactly 400 years in this extreme slavery.its

And now, in 2019 the president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, is calling for all willing descendants to return HOME! See more here…
It’s an “EPIC EXODUS” of massive proportions, way larger than any other ingathering throughout history. History is being re-written in 2019 since the government of Ghana with the help of a powerful yet small Village of Peace in the Holy Land of Israel is giving this “Diaporic Community**” a process of return and resettlement which will prepare them for a new life in an ancient land. They will no longer be bound by the hatred of the archaic year 1519 – when slaves were wrenched from its shores. Ghana is currently a modern country with the heritage of its ancient values of JOY, brother/sisterhood in both and family continuity (all lost in years away from the motherland).
**Diasporic community is a widely dispersed community as a result of a natural disaster, politics, and in this case the most gruesome economic plot to enslave Blacks worldwide. This is the beginning of it’s demise…
The horrible irony of retracing this time of destitution through slavery is that the USA’s “Emancipation Proclamation” signed with blood of U.S. citizens by President Abraham Lincoln, followed 620,000 Civil War deaths (many were Black soldiers). This document’s signature by this strong leader essentially DID NOT change anything! Women in Black America and all of these countries mentioned above are STILL being raped, men are STILL being shot, knifed, lynched, hanged, and STILL being beaten to death. Millions of Black families are continually disrupted with all forms of hatred, segregation, and overt discriminations.
As a white, Jewish boy of only 13 years, I had the extreme honor to privately meet, shake hands and receive an autographed book of Dr. Martin Luther King’s called “Strength To Love.” As a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Dr. King graced our world with his brand of LOVE and “Non-Violently” PEACEFUL sit-ins, marches, and speeches. He miraculously “flipped our paradigm,” to reverse our views on what it means to have “Strength.” He re-taught us the philosophy to “Love thy Enemy!” And, with his brilliant brand of conviction, he both prophesized and exemplified the future of all previous slaves in his final speech:
(click below to listen to his Prophetic words that speak of the Mountaintop!)

In my heart I know he was speaking to all blacks around the world…Now Ghana and the leadership at the Village of Peace  – where I write this from in Dimona, Israel, February 2019 – these two proud cultures are together fulfilling Dr. King’s real DREAM – as stated above in his last testimony. These natives of Ghana are offering an open-hand with a powerful message of hope to the millions.
It’s with the knowledge that many still feel “out-of-place in the US” and so many other places like Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba and all of the islands affected. Millions are praying for relief…hoping for a better life, eager to return to their ancestors’ home.
It’s not unlike the Hebrew’s Exodus of Moses from Egyptian bondage seeking their Promised Land. Israel is not for everyone, but Ghana is the source of this agony and the true place for its return and healing zone of PEACE!
In Dimona, at the Village of Peace (click here for a previous article on their amazing story) the word “authentic” is all I can use to describe my experiences over the last 3 years as a visitor, and now a guest. I have been loved, honored and welcomed to their family to help guide them on a massive fundraising venture ($25,000,000 is needed as soon as possible to make safe affordable housing for this “Welcome Home” to Ghana gift!)
The Village of Peace leadership and President of Ghana will give millions of returnees, great grandchildren of former slaves – safety, acceptance, love, homes, culture, education plus jobs they will need to survive the difficult road ahead…
Click here to donate and support and please tell anyone interested in returning to Africa that there is a process in motion to make their journey a success!
Anthropological Journalist, Mati Katz – while living in the Village of Peace, February 2019

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